One of the wonders of the world

A pristine tropical island

The country's islands are scattered here and there across the equator in the Indian Ocean, they look like precious gems on the sea, like a necklace of about 1190 coral islands forming a double-alignment of large atolls. The Maldivian archipelago stretches north and i south of the equator.
The Maldives is made up of 26 atolls, for about 764 km. The archipelago is about 670 km from Sri Lanka at the north-west and about 540 km from the Chagos Islands in the south. The atolls are composed of a circular coral reef, which surrounds an inner lagoon where many islands of various sizes are located.

The archipelago is characterized by two monsoons blowing from the south - east between May and October and from North-West from November to April, and each offers different spectacular situations. The archipelago live in a regime of strong currents responsible for the formation and extinction of sandy islands.

Palm trees adorn the islands beaches , surrounded by turquoise lagoons, with clear, warm waters and coral reefs and a rich variety of flora and fauna ...
All this together with natural beauty continues to fascinate many visitors who come from all over the world. Marco Polo reported from the Maldives describing them as "the flower of the Indies" and the Arab traveler Ibn Batuta called the archipelago, in its ancient chronicles "one of the wonders of the World". Since 1965, the Maldives is a presidential republic with Islamic religion.

Islands scattered here and there crossing the equator in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are like precious gems of the sea thus forming a tropical paradise.

Palm trees adorn these islandss,which are surrounded by turquoise lagoons of crystal clear, warm waters and coral reefs packed with a rich variety of flora and fauna. This whole mix of natural beauty keeps fascinatinga and attracting vistorsi from all over the world.
Marco Polo described the Maldives as "the flower of the Indies", and The Arabic traveler Ibn Batuta in its ancient chronicles calledt the archipelago "one of the wonders of the World".

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Once upon a time it was known as an Enchanted City; thin roofs and sandy roads only 20 years ago. Now it's a quite modern city with many cars and skyscrapers. The great success of the tourism industry goes along with the growth and development of this capital city , bound towards modern age , spreading welfare to larger numbers of its citizens.

"Small is beautiful" they say, and this is perfect for Male:, the smallest capital city in the world. We are not quite sure of that, but you imagine that more than 110.000 people live in an area of 2 sq.kms. only. . No other place but Male can melt quietness with speed. All this, together with an impossible logistic, only enhances its charme