The perfect place for lovers of underwater world

And now let our experienced instructors introduce you to the variety and abundance of colorful fish, pristine coral reefs , islands and athols.

The Maldives, offer countless dive sites, each one requiring different levels of skill and characterized by different scenarios. Our team of instructors can provide adequate service for divers at all levels, including beginners and those who have never breathed underwater and are attracted by this discipline.

Please note that divers and snorkelers will be requested to fll a form reporting their own medical records, and we recommend whoever has a record of health problem, to provide a medical authorisation to dive. Upon arrival, after the general briefing about the various types of dives, a check-dive will be done to refresh your skills on balance, environment, buddy dive and ear pressure compensation. Kids are allowed to dive from 10 years age, and under responsible consentt of a Parent or a tutor.
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Don't worry if you are not (yet) a scuba diver. at the Maldives you will never get bored ...
Being so easy, snorkeling is the most popular activity, as you can discover the beauty of the marine world even by only swimming over it. Corals and colorful fish will be the stars of your day.

Before any activity, our Team will breef you, for your own security and fun, then will take you to the most interesting spots. A suitable equipment makes your excursions easy, interesting and amusing. You can carry your own mask,snorkel and fins, or you can rent them onboard. Protect your body with a high protection sun cream, or a T-shirt, or a lycra wet suit

If you wish to improve your water skills, please contact a member of the White Wave Team for training or advice.