Living in Style Ocean and Nature

Our long experience on the Maldivian Islands and underwater environment enables us to produce services and facilities that best meet the requirements and expectations of our Diving Guests, and to offer an unforgettable holiday to those who prefer enjoying the sea from the surface.
We pride ourselves upon the professional and reliable organization of our staff, our extensive knowledge of this unique underwater environment and its marine biology, as well as the friendly and positive attitude we all put in our daily activities. Over the years we've shared our findings with our Guests, who feel like us the passion for the seas and marine life.

White Wave Maldives Team is here willing to show you the most visited tropical archipelago in the World

Now close your eyes
and wake up in a dream ... a dream made of islands, Pearls of the Indian Ocean,
The Maldives ... ...



The Maldives, even after years and years of diving and human activity , remain among the few most pristine and rich ocean environment still existing on Earth. And how can you best enjoy exploring and living this country of thousand islands, feeling the tropical breeze on your skin, catching exotic scents in your nose, filling your eyes with thousand shades of blue and green? The answer can only be: cruising the archipelago aboard a safari boat in search of the borderless freedom of the oceans.

White Wave Maldives offers cruising holidays at the Maldives, offering thrilling emotions to Guests who love diving, as well as to those who love the alluring mix Sea - Sun - Relax. The Maldives offer a unique natural scenery in the world and the Team of White Wave will offer it to you with enthusiasm, professionality and in full respect for Nature.

When diving and snorkelling ,the watchful skills and experience of our Team will let you have the opportunity to discover this underwater, pristine world in full security and fun
Your dream is about to come true, so, let yourself be carried away by White Wave ... in the most intriguing and exposed place to the sun of life! The Maldives ... ...

In the Company of Our Team

White wave Maldives
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